Top African Business/ Tech Blogs and Publications

African business and tech magazines

There are many blogs, magazines, and other publications that report on the latest trends in business and technology in Africa. Some of them report from the perspective of various countries like Nigeria or Kenya, while others report from the overall African perspective. Either way, all of these news platforms help entrepreneurs and investors stay updated on the latest happenings and developments on the continent. Here are some of the top publications that we recommend:


A future-focused blog that speaks to African innovation and technology in depth. In addition to high quality articles, reports and expert opinions on the main website, they publish a daily newsletter, the most comprehensive roundup of technology around Africa. They also manage the Radar forum, which hosts the smartest conversations about technology on the continent.

This blog's purpose is to transform Africa by nurturing and unleashing an army of entrepreneurs on the continent. It puts the spotlight on entrepreneurs that are creative thinkers and efficient problem-solvers, and are skillful and relentless at taking on challenges. The blog also focuses on providing the information, inspiration, tools, guidance and resources that Africans need to start, grow and succeed in business.

This blog is a leading media platform dedicated to startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in Africa. Their team is made up of passionate individuals who are storytellers by nature. Their creed is that there is an exciting opportunity for technology to penetrate the fabric of society, and that is what they have committed to do.

Africa Details
The preferred online provider of all related matters, discussions, events & services in the African continent. They are the market-leading online portal about Africa aimed at a cooperate & professional viewership which contains a selection of key articles from the African continent. Their team consists of experienced and dedicated professionals who are well qualified to assist you to know more about Africa.


Forbes Africa
This magazine is the continent’s first-ever truly international business publication localized for the African executive with distribution in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. It is the sixteenth local-language edition of the highly successful FORBES magazine — renowned for exploiting various matters, as well as its many lists based on the levels of global wealth and power, offering topics such as “The World’s Most Powerful People,” “Global High Performers,” and “The World’s Billionaires".

African Business
This magazine offers a unique insight into African affairs, from an African perspective. They aim to shape the African agenda by leading and influencing the conversation on African issues. They want to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the continent through vigorous debates, insights and analysis and by connecting the dots, be it people or ideas, so that Africa has its rightful place on the world stage, challenging the status quo.

The Africa Report
The Africa Report is one of the leading news organizations on the continent known for their impartial, authoritative stance. Their content focuses on politics, but even more on business, development, infrastructure, and technology in the 54 African nations. The magazine is published quarterly, and they also have a weekly podcast.

Business Times Africa
This monthly publication provides in-depth coverage and analysis of pertinent economic and financial issues in Africa. It covers key areas such as politics, economics, finance and insurance, commerce and industry, science and technology, safety and security, hotel and leisure, infrastructure, agriculture, mining, transport, social and other topics that are important to Africa’s broad socioeconomic development.