Top African Business and Investment Organizations

Members of African business organizations

There are many organizations and government agencies that are dedicated to furthering the business developments and investment opportunities on the African continent. Many of these organizations are based in an African nation, but some are based in the United States and in Europe. Either way, such organizations are great resources for both entrepreneurs and investors who want to be more connected with the continent's latest trends. Here are some of the top organizations that we recommend:

Business Africa
As the voice of employers and the private sector in Africa, this organization is recognized in the areas of labor and social affairs and within the context of international organizations such as; the International Organization of Employers (IOE), International Labour Organization (ILO) and the African Union (AU). The Confederation has membership drawn from African employers’ organizations spread out from over 40 countries from all the regions of the continent.
They are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Liberty & Justice
Africa’s leading ethical apparel manufacturing company that specializes in value chain management for high-volume, time-sensitive, duty-free goods for leading American clothing brands, trading companies, and other importers who care about exceptional quality, on-time delivery, social and environmental impact, and geographic diversity.
They are based in New York City, USA.

Invest In Africa
This not-for-profit organisation has the vision to create prospering African economies. Together with its partners of leading companies, they connect multinationals and larger businesses to credible local suppliers (SMEs); improve these SMEs access to skills, contracts and finance to build long term capacity; and help improve the investment climate and quality of policy discussions. Their priority is to increase the linkages between large international and domestic companies and smaller local business and increase access to skills, markets and finance.
They have offices in the UK, Ghana, and Kenya.

Africa 4 Tech
An international platform and a network of innovators, connectors and brainers to source, design and code innovative solutions for and from Africa. Their goal is to globalize African innovations. By gathering recognized and future innovators from across Africa with multinational companies, they help innovators to scale-up and large companies to better understand local markets and cultures. Their ambitious program primarily focuse on 4 fundamental issues that are critical challenges in Africa: Health, Energy, Education, and Food.
They have offices in France.

US-Africa Business Center
Their mission is to build lasting prosperity for Africans and Americans through job creation and entrepreneurial spirit. Their task forces drive policy that helps businesses find new opportunity for growth in the United States and across Africa. They assist with the mitigation of unknown and perceived risks that serve as the biggest obstacles to economic engagement across Africa.
They are based in Washington, DC USA.

African Business Development Association (ABDAS)
ABDAS is an independent voluntary association that actively promotes industry and commerce by encouraging the establishment of new businesses, regional and international. They inviting foreign delegations for face to face meetings with various African trade authorities, guide foreign investors on the most lucrative areas of business and facilities, and they showcase African products in international markets.
They have offices in the US and in various African nations.